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28-07-2015 Maagkanker - Update

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nvbh logo transWe are still busy collecting blood samples (DNA) of control dogs and dogs that suffer
from stomach cancer, genetic studies always need many samples. The more
information we get, the more we know how big the issue is.
So it is very important to report all the suspicious and confirmed diagnoses to the
research team or the NVBH.
Recently the question was asked whether we can use a sample of mucous
membrane from the inside of the cheek instead of blood. In this stadium of the
research it is not practical. The revenue is relatively small and in order to confirm the
results there has to be the possibility to use a sample more often and therefore we
need blood samples.
We do understand that sometimes it is stressful for older dogs to go to the
veterinarian and perhaps it is possible to combine it when you have to go there
anyway and ask if the veterinarian can also take a tube with EDTA blood.
Parcels for blood sample collecting with all the info are available. Just send me an
email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or a phone call to 0031 6 1819 6223
Anne-Marie Smolders