voor alle Belgische Herder liefhebbers

29-09-2012 Int. hondententoonstelling Maastricht keurverslagen

Keurmeester Mw. G. Kalinichenko 
Groenendaeler Teven Jeugdklasse

1 U RCAC She-Roots From Black Velvets Home
Good type. Good format. Very nice typical head. Good topline & angulation. Typical movement, a little narrow behind. A little shy. A little soft coat. 
Groenendaeler Teven Kampioensklasse 

1 U CAC/CACIB Beste teef BOB Kitou De La Ferme Farouche
Typical female. Very nice feminine head. Good front. A little short neck. Good topline. Good angulation rear. Typical movement & temperament. 
Laekense Reuen Tusenklasse 

Goed Shepperdsdogmate Kipling-Flynn
Too big. Straight in front legs. A little short neck. Good angulation behind, but very narrow behind on the move. Croupe is falling down. Good coat. Not good breathing. 
Laekense Reuen Kampioensklasse

1 U CAC/CACIB Beste reu Ned.Ch. SheperdsDogmate Dodge Viper
Good type. Good format. Typical head & very good pigmentation around the mouth. Good angulation. A little short croupe. Good coat quality. Good temperament & movement. 
Laekense Teven Kampioensklasse

1 U CAC/CACIB Beste teef BOB Ned.Ch.Shepherds Dogmate Bugatti Veyron
Good type & format. Typical feminine head. Good angulation. A little short croupe. A bit high position of tail on the move. 
2 U RCAC/RCACIB Ned.Ch. Sheperds Dogmate Against All Odds
Good size & format. Good head. A little short neck. Good topline. A little short croupe. Good angulation. Good coat. Good temperament. 
3 U Ned.Ch. Sheperds Dogmate My Girl
Good format. Good head. A little straight in upperarm. A little short neck. Good movement. Good coat. 
Laekense Teven Veteranenklasse

1 ZG Uzes du Domaine de Vauroux
Good movement for age. Not filled up under the eyes. Good topline. Good temperament. 
Mechelse Reuen Kampioensklasse

1 ZG Ch.Disco-Sauvage du Mas de la Galandie
Good size. Not good head, not clean. Ribs are too round. Good angulation behind. Good temperament. Mask not typical. 
Tervuerense Reuen Jeugdklasse

1 ZG Very Impressive of Dark Brightness
Good format. Good head. Not having forchest. Good angulation behind. Free in elbow. Too shy. 
Disq. Heartbreaker The Mystic Angel
I'm not able to touch the dog! 
Tervuerense Reuen Open klasse

1 ZG Pe Cäsarborg's Foxy Johnnie W
Good type & size. Nice head. Very good topline. Not enough forchest. Movement OK, but rear legs are cow-hackney. 
Tervuerense Reuen Kampioensklasse 

1 U CAC/CACIB Beste reu Ch. Harry Di Terra Meiga IPO3
Very good first impression: gorgeous dog! Typical head. Very good Format. A bit missing forchest. Good topline. Angulation, coat & temperament exc. 
Tervuerense Teven Jeugdklasse

1 ZG Heaven The Mystic Angel
Good format. Very nice head. Lacking forchest. Good withers. Croupe is falling down. Nice color. Good temperament. Too long nails. 
2 ZG Unique Tease of Dark Brightness
Very thin; lacking bone. Very good head. Not enough deep chest. Croupe is falling down. Erratic movement. 
Tervuerense Teven Open klasse

1 U RCAC/CACIB Beste teef BOB J'Adore di Scottatura
Nice type & format. Good head. Good front. Good stopline & angulation behind. A little shy. 
2 ZG Djaïpur du Bois du Tôt
Good format. Nice head. A little short neck. Lacking forchest. Too shy.